Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ann McAuliffe '06

Sales & Services Manager,
Visit Jacksonville

q: What do you do?

a:  I assist three sales managers at Visit Jacksonville, the Convention and Visitors Bureau for Northeast Florida. Some of my responsibilities include sending out leads, collecting hotel proposals and forwarding information to clients. When groups confirm their meeting for the Jacksonville area, I handle all of their service requests.
q: What's your favorite part of the job?
a: There is a new challenge every day. I focus a lot on the sports market so am constantly sourcing fields, parks and courts.
q: What's the greatest challenge?
a: Since being recently promoted, my biggest challenge is knowing where all the parks and fields are located and what would work best for specific groups.
q: Do you stay in touch with any other UCF hospitality alums?
a: I mainly stay in contact with Jen Sandler Rosenthal ’06. We have actually known each other since high school.
q: Outside're most likely to be seen?
a: At the beach or the mall.
q: Your biggest accomplishment since graduating, outside your career?
a: Pursuing my MBA online with Saint Leo University. I am halfway through the program.
q: How did UCF prepare you for what you do?
a: UCF helped me out a lot. While working with groups that are bringing conventions to the city, I utilize a lot of the information I learned from my event classes as far as set-ups and square footage requirements. It was also a shock to my bosses when they hired me that I already understood the workings of a CVB.
q: Your favorite class?
a: Definitely Quality Brewing & Fine Beer. By learning so much about beer, I came to love and appreciate it even more.
q: A UCF memory?
a: It always seemed to be a challenge for me and my friends to figure out where to go during lunch breaks for school, considering the many options along I-Drive. I also remember visiting the parks before, after, and sometimes during class breaks.
q: Favorite meal in Orlando?
a: The beef empanadas from Café Tu Tu Tango are my absolute favorite!
q: On your iPod?
a: I know it’s cliché, but I really do have everything on my iPod, from 80s to Rap to Pop to Country. If it’s a good song, it’s on my iPod.
q: Little known fact about you?
a: It shocks people how much I love, know about, and follow sports...especially football.

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