Monday, November 9, 2009

Jen Rosenthal '06

Catering Manager,
Rosen Shingle Creek

B.S., Hospitality Management '06 & M.S., Hospitality and Tourism Management '09
(Maiden Name: Jen Sandler)
q: What do you do?
a: I manage all "life event" celebrations at Shingle Creek Resort, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs and retirements. Most of the events are weddings, as we average about 45 weddings a year. I handle everything start-to-finish including sales, banquet event orders, and helping implement all the details, usually in conjunction with a wedding coordinator.
q: What's your favorite part of the job?
a: Every day is different and so is every event. One example was a couple who met in an airplane terminal when their planes were late, so their entire wedding was airplane-themed. They had luggage tags for place cards and airline tickets for their "save the date" cards. Another couple had Lionel Ritchie play at their wedding and we had to coordinate extravagant lighting and electrical. I really do enjoy my job.
q: What's the greatest challenge?
a: Dealing with different personalities and cultures, which all negotiate differently.
q: Do you stay in touch with any other UCF hospitality alums?
a: Jackie Becker '08, Courtney Beckwith '04, Gary Deel '07, Francesca Fistner '08, Amanda Hayes '07, Rebecca Maxwell '05, Ann McAuliffe '06, Sonny Shaffer '08, Brandee Simmons Garr '01 and Alison Watkins '02.
q: Outside're most likely to be seen?
a: With my husband and playing with my dogs, a collie and a border collie.
q: Your biggest accomplishment since graduating, outside your career?
a: Getting married and completing graduate school.
q: How did UCF prepare you for what you do?
a:My sorority, Chi Omega, taught me how to deal with different personality types. People ask how I can deal with stressed out brides every day. Well, drama just rolls off my back after being surrounded by girls for four years.
q: How could the hospitality program have been better?
a: More parking. I took my master's classes at night, so when I'd get to campus the parking lot would already be full.
q: A UCF memory?
a: Homecoming was always fun filled and spirited. Also beer class with Ed Measom. I learned so many fun facts about beer that I use when working with clients today. It was a relaxed way to bond with the other students.
q: Favorite meal in Orlando?
a: The Grilled Hearts of Romaine Salad with Warmed Goat Cheese and Palm Sugar Vinaigrette with the Blackened Seabass with Cilantro Buerre Blanc from A Land Remembered, at the Shingle Creek.
q: On your iPod?
a: It's all over the place: Josh Groban, OAR, Dave Matthews Band, AFI and oh, let's check what's playing right now (she pulled out her iPod)....Sublime.
q: Little known fact about you?
a: I'm a Canadian citizen.

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